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Toyota Alphard


With its exceptional Japanese standards, the Alphard becomes the top choice for those who value a luxurious lifestyle and comfort without compromising on performance excellence

#1 Luxury MPV in MALAYSIA


The exterior design of the Toyota Alphard showcases dynamic and aggressive lines, with an elegant front grille and sophisticated LED headlights that create a deep futuristic impression. The smooth and aerodynamic design touches add a stylish impact without compromising the desired practicality of a luxurious MPV.

Why Malaysians Love Toyota Alphard

Malaysians’ fondness for the Toyota Alphard, a trend that has gained remarkable momentum, can be attributed to a range of factors, combining practicality, prestige, and comfort. Here’s a more detailed exploration of why the Alphard has captured the hearts of many Malaysians:

The Alphard is seen as a symbol of success and affluence. Its premium design and association with the upper echelons of society make it a desirable choice for Malaysians who wish to make a statement about their accomplishments.

Malaysian society places a strong emphasis on family bonds and togetherness. The Alphard’s generous seating capacity and spacious interior offer the ideal setting for extended family outings and gatherings, and it accommodates large families comfortably.

The Alphard is often likened to a mobile living room. The plush and well-crafted seats, coupled with a smooth suspension system, guarantee a serene and opulent ride. Comfort is paramount, especially during long journeys, and the Alphard delivers on this front.

Malaysians have a penchant for technology, and the Alphard is brimming with sophisticated features. The sizable touchscreen infotainment system, comprehensive connectivity options, and advanced safety features cater to the tech-savvy preferences of Malaysians.

Malaysian roads can be challenging due to their diversity, from bustling city streets to winding rural paths. The Alphard boasts a potent engine and a suite of safety features, providing the assurance that it can handle these varying conditions.

Malaysians have an eye for aesthetics, and the Alphard’s modern and sleek design is a head-turner. It’s not merely a mode of transportation but an extension of one’s personal style and status.

The Alphard’s versatility is highly regarded. It is suitable for a variety of activities, from family vacations to business meetings, and this adaptability is appreciated by Malaysians seeking an all-in-one solution.

Toyota vehicles, including the Alphard, are known for their strong resale value in Malaysia. This plays a significant role in the purchasing decision, as it ensures a sound investment.

Given the escalating fuel prices in Malaysia, the Alphard’s relatively good fuel efficiency for its size is a considerable advantage and aligns with the cost-conscious approach of many Malaysians.

In conclusion, the Toyota Alphard’s widespread popularity in Malaysia stems from its multi-faceted appeal. It seamlessly caters to Malaysians’ desire for status, family-friendliness, comfort, technology, style, practicality, and long-term value, making it an attractive choice in the Malaysian automotive landscape.

Toyota Alphard (New)

RM 461,000

Alphard 3.5

The powerful Toyota Alphard 3.5 (New Unit) is exclusively offered by Toyota UMW. This luxurious 7-seater MPV provides exceptional comfort for the entire family, whether it’s for long or short journeys. 5 Years Warranty with UMW Toyota Malaysia.

Toyota Alphard (Recon)

Model 2018 - FROM
RM 210,000

Alphard 2.5 S

The Toyota Alphard S comes with the best price and grade available. This luxurious MPV, with a seating capacity of 7 or 8, offers exceptional comfort for the entire family, whether it’s for long or short journeys.

Model 2018 - FROM
RM 215,000

Alphard 2.5 SA

The Toyota Alphard SA comes with the best price and grade available. This luxurious MPV, with a seating capacity of 7 or 8, offers exceptional comfort for the entire family, whether it’s for long or short journeys.

Model 2018 - FROM
RM 225,000

Alphard 2.5 SC

The Toyota Alphard SC comes with the best price and grade available. This luxurious MPV, with a seating capacity of 7 or 8, offers exceptional comfort for the entire family, whether it’s for long or short journeys.

Toyota Alphard SC Recon

The price of Toyota Alphard in Malaysia.

A wide selection of units & the best choices.

Different users have different needs, budgets, and specifications for an MPV. That’s why we offer a wide range of Toyota Alphard (Recon) options that will undoubtedly meet the criteria, budget, and preferences of all Malaysians.

We have Alphard models available starting from RM215,000, going up to the latest year model (2021) with full specifications and complete body kits, priced as low as RM279,000.

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Low interest rates starting from 2.4% - 2.8% only.

Free Full PDI

The car is serviced, and the gearbox oil is changed for free.

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Free full body car wash, wax, and polish before you receive your car.

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Full loan available for all types of cars and MPVs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time for the Alphard (Recond) depends on stock availability. If the car is already in our showroom, the estimated time for loan processing to car delivery is typically within 7-14 days. While for new Alphard unit from UMW, it will take few months depending on the booking que.

Yes, we provide a warranty program for the Alphard recon car, which is one of the best warranty programs in Malaysia. The warranty covers up to 7 years without any annual claim & mileage limitations!

Certainly, no problem. The required documents include IC (Identification Card), driving license, 3 months’ salary slips, bank statements, and other supporting documents. The recommended minimum salary is RM6,000 and above for recond unit, and RM12,000 minimum for new Alphard unit. Please contact me for further assistance.

Boleh, tiada masalah. Dokumen yang diperlukan adalah seperti IC, lesen memandu, SSM, bank statement dan lain-lain dokumen sokongan.

Various free gifts that you will receive, such as FREE car touch-up, wax, polish, a full tank of petrol, first service, discounter tinted voucher and many more! We also offer rebates of up to RM5000 for specific recon models. Contact us now for further inquiries.

Recond Toyota Alphard #1 in Malaysia

Gallery of Alphard 2.5 SC.

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