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Toyota is a name synonymous with trust and reliability. Malaysians have long placed their faith in Toyota’s legacy of engineering excellence. The Toyota Voxy embodies this legacy, assuring drivers of a dependable companion for their journeys.

Toyota Voxy Kirameki

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Malaysians have a soft spot for the Toyota Voxy, and it’s not hard to see why. This car is like the Swiss Army knife of vehicles – it does a bit of everything, and it does it well.

Toyota is like that trustworthy friend who never lets you down, and Malaysians know it. The Voxy is built to last, and that peace of mind is priceless.

Toyota Voxy

RM 135,000

Voxy Kirameki

Voxy Kirameki is a remarkable minivan that combines style, comfort, and practicality in a single package. With its sleek and modern design, it exudes a sense of sophistication that sets it apart from other minivans.

Toyota Voxy Kirameki

The price of Toyota Voxy in Malaysia.

A wide selection of units & the best choices.

The Toyota Voxy comes in from a cool RM135,000 in Malaysia. That’s a pretty sweet deal for a ride that’s got style and substance in one neat package.

It’s like getting a touch of sparkle without breaking the bank. So, whether you’re in it for the family trips or just want to cruise around town in a ride that turns heads, the Voxy won’t put a dent in your wallet. Affordable and chic – what’s not to love about that? 🚗💫

Monthly Payment for Voxy

With a 10% downpayment and a 90% loan over 9 years, the monthly payment for a 2019 Toyota Voxy can go as low as RM 1,557 per month.

Note: The price of our Toyota Voxy can vary based on the year, specifications, model, mileage, additional accessories, and the car’s condition. The estimate shown above is just for reference.

Why Malaysians Love Toyota Voxy

Malaysians have a soft spot for the Toyota Voxy, and it’s not hard to see why. This car is like the Swiss Army knife of vehicles – it does a bit of everything, and it does it well. Here’s why Malaysians can’t get enough of it.

Malaysians are all about family, and the Voxy gets it. With its spacious interior, you can pack in the whole clan for a road trip or just the gang for a night out. It’s like having your own personal shuttle.

Let’s face it, Malaysians love to look good, and the Voxy is a real head-turner. Its slick design makes it stand out in a sea of cars, and you can’t help but feel a little fancy driving it.

We’re living in the digital age, and this car gets it. With all its tech features, you can stay connected, entertained, and safe on the road. Malaysians appreciate staying in the loop, even while on the move.

Toyota is like that trustworthy friend who never lets you down, and Malaysians know it. The Voxy Kirameki is built to last, and that peace of mind is priceless.

With the rising cost of fuel, Malaysians love a car that sips, not guzzles. The Voxy Kirameki’s fuel efficiency is music to our ears – more road trips, less pit stops.

Whether it’s hauling the groceries or converting it into a makeshift camper for a weekend getaway, the Voxy is as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. Malaysians love a car that adapts to their ever-changing needs.

Cars are an investment, and Malaysians are savvy investors. Toyota’s reputation for holding its value in the used car market is a big selling point. It’s like having a financial safety net.

Toyota is more than just a car brand; it’s a symbol of quality and longevity. When Malaysians choose the Toyota Voxy, they’re joining a club of proud Toyota owners.

In a nutshell, Malaysians love the Toyota Voxy because it’s a reliable, versatile, and stylish ride that fits seamlessly into their lifestyles. It’s the kind of car that makes everyday life a little more enjoyable and a lot more convenient. So, whether you’re hauling the family or heading out on a solo adventure, the Voxy Kirameki has got your back. It’s not just a car; it’s a trusted companion on Malaysia’s diverse and dynamic roads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time for the Voxy (Recond) depends on stock availability. If the car is already in our showroom, the estimated time for loan processing to car delivery is typically within 7-14 days. 

Yes, we provide a warranty program for the Voxy recon car, which is one of the best warranty programs in Malaysia. The warranty covers up to 7 years without any annual claim & mileage limitations!

Certainly, no problem. The required documents include IC (Identification Card), driving license, 3 months’ salary slips, bank statements, and other supporting documents. The recommended minimum salary is RM6,000 and above for recond unit, and RM12,000 minimum for new Alphard unit. Please contact me for further assistance.

Sure, no problem. The required documents typically include things like your ID, driver’s license, SSM registration, bank statement, and any other supporting documents.”

Various free gifts that you will receive, such as FREE car touch-up, wax, polish, a full tank of petrol, first service, discounter tinted voucher and many more! We also offer rebates of up to RM5000 for specific recon models. Contact us now for further inquiries.

Recond Toyota Voxy #1 in Malaysia

Gallery of Toyota Voxy Kirameki.

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